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New Orleans Film Society

The New Orleans Film Society is proud to introduce a new donor group: the Producers Circle.

Participation in the Producers Circle is crucial in supporting NOFS’ programming efforts and in establishing a sustainable base of year-round support for the Film Society. As New Orleans continues to thrive as a center for film production, it is increasingly important to bring dynamic and diverse screening experiences to every corner of the city.

As a member of the Producers Circle, NOFS’ highest membership level, you receive the following benefits:

  • Two All-Access passes for the annual New Orleans Film Festival (which grants you the opportunity to secure advance tickets)
  • Invitations for you and a guest to special Producers Circle-only events
  • Free admission for you and a guest to all NOFS-sponsored screenings year-round (including French Film Festival and filmOrama)
  • Reserved seating for New Orleans Film Festival screenings, filmOrama screenings, and French Film Festival screenings
  • Free admission for you and a guest to a select screening at Chalmette Movies every Thursday
  • Visibility on Producers Circle Page on NOFS loop that will run before all NOFS programming
  • Visibility on Producers Circle page in the Film Festival Program Guide
  • Visibility on Producers Circle section on the website
  • Visibility on monthly e-newsletters sent by NOFS

To join the Producers Circle, click here.

Seth Bloom & Aaron Reuter
Brian Bockman & Jack Forbes
Jane Ettinger and Vincent Booth
Susan Gore Brennan
Stephanie & Joseph Bruno
Anne Burr
Basi & Michael Carbine
Cast & Crew Entertainment Services
Margo and Clancy DuBos
Katherine Cecil & Emile Dumesnil
Stephanie Durant
Barbara and Robbie Evans
Lauren & Bryan Fitzpatrick
Gregor Fox
Alexa Georges & Jerry Armatis
Anna Beth & John Goodman
Maggie Hadleigh-West
Trace and Evan Hayes
Ellen Johnson & Ronald Swartz
Allison Kendrick & Charles Fenet
Beth & Hugh Lambert
Jule Lang
Lee Ledbetter
Victoria & Max Loubiere
Adam Marcus
Barbara Marcus
Renee & Paul Masinter
Lee McDonough
Darcy McKinnon & Eric Blake
Pablo Mirabal & Tag Purvis
Adam Morris
Linda Novak
Christina & Dr. Nicholas Pappas
Angele Parlange
Staci Rosenberg
Aimee and Mike Siegel
Sisung Film Finance, LLC
Gary Soloman Jr.
Spruce Interiors & Design Studio
Eve Alexandra Stafford & Raymond Rathle Jr.
Molly & Phillip Stagg
Felicia Beebe Stallard and Dana Toups
studioWTA | Wayne Troyer Architects
Janet and Leonard Tallerine
Margaret & Frank Walker
Kathy & Chris Weil
Nicole Wright