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New Orleans Film Society

Children of Paradise (Les Enfants du Paradis)

FRANCE 190 min.

Marcel Carné
Adrien Remaugé
Jacques Prévert
Madeleine Bonin, Henri Rust
Roger Hubert
  • Trailer; Children of Paradise


Poetic realism reaches sublime heights with Children of Paradise, the ineffably witty tale of a woman loved by four different men. Deftly entwining theater, literature, music, and design, director Marcel Carné and screenwriter Jacques Prévert resurrect the tumultuous world of nineteenth-century Paris, teeming with hucksters and aristocrats, thieves and courtesans, pimps and seers. NOFS is proud to present this masterpiece – repeatedly declared the greatest French film of all time – in a restored DCP taken from the original camera negative. “From the time it was made until now, decade after decade, this film holds up as a masterpiece.” – Woody Allen